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You Get what You Pay for With In-Patient Rehabilitation

luxury rehab quality matches costYou may have heard that the only difference between government funded rehabilitation and luxury rehabilitation is how pretty the surroundings are, and you may be wondering why you would pay more for the same service in a nicer package. The truth is, the quality of the treatment in a luxury rehab center is not the same as in a low cost rehab at all. Statistically, luxury treatment centers produce vastly more successful clients that maintain their sobriety where as government funded rehabs can rarely afford the resources needed for clients to maintain their sobriety.

A government funded rehabilitation center has limited means, so the quality of the treatment they provide is limited as well. Good quality treatment comes from access to the best resources, such as the latest addiction therapeutic methods, learning materials and ongoing training for the rehab staff. As good intentioned as a government funded rehab center may be, they do not receive the funding or payment for services needed to stay as current as a private luxury rehab facility. They can also not afford to staff their centers properly, so patient’s individual needs go overlooked and disable the success of their recovery.

In the same vein, luxury addiction rehabilitation centers maintain a peaceful setting for their clients with a higher staff to clientele ratio that gives them the individual attention they need, and the space and privacy to focus on their recovery without the overcrowding and distractions of a government funded facility. One-on-one counseling is an integral part of successful recovery, as it is the surest way of uncovering and eliminating the root cause of their addiction problems. Clients will find this environment much more therapeutic, and they will find the variety of healthy activities that a luxury rehab center can afford very therapeutic to engage in as well.

Consider your rehabilitation options carefully, consulting your budget and your personal needs. As is true with all human services, you will almost always get what you pay for, and programs that cut corners financially will also be cutting corners in recovery treatment, making it more difficult for you to succeed.

Time Commitments at a Luxury Rehabilitation Center

luxury rehab time commitmentThe average inpatient luxury rehabilitation center will require a commitment of 30 days or more, but this is not set in stone as many luxury rehab facilities will adjust their recovery program scheduling around the patient’s needs. Clients will receive special accomodation from the staff person managing their program that allows them the time and flexibility to meet their professional demands.

The average 30-day luxury addiction program is designed for addictions and behavior problems that are less severe in nature. If an individual is struggling with addiction to a substance but is not yet dependent on it, this time frame will probably suit them best. If clients are looking for an even shorter stay, they might consider a program that allows them multiple visits that are broken up into one or two week commitments at a time.

For those requiring a more in depth treatment program, the 60-day option is recommended. This program best suits an addict that is becoming dependent on a substance, but hasn’t had a long term relationship with it yet. The 60-day time period requires the patient to have less contact with friends and family, but gives them the protection needed from the things that influence their addictive behavior.

And lastly, the 90-day program is required for severe addictions that have either threatened or heavily altered the addict’s life. For high profile individuals who cannot separate their lifestyle from their addiction, the safety of an extended inpatient stay is needed for a complete recovery. Contact with the outside world will be more limited than in a shorter stay in order to let the addict focus solely on their sobriety.

Luxury Rehabs for High Profile Individuals

high profile person luxury rehabThe differences between government funded inpatient rehabilitation centers and luxury inpatient rehabilitation centers are vast, and an individual’s personal lifestyle should be taken into consideration before choosing between the two. Luxury rehabilitation centers tend to work best for high profile individuals because they take the individual’s personal demands into account.

A high profile person, such as a CEO, attorney or physician, will naturally have very specific needs from an inpatient rehabilitation program they begin. These luxury rehab facilities are created with the patient’s needs in mind, from their career needs to their lifestyle preferences and routines. Luxury treatment centers aim to eradicate a high profile patient’s addictions and maladaptive behaviors, but preserve the way of life they are used to.

The careers of high profile individuals often do not allow them to be disconnected from the world. Because of necessary workplace roles and functions they play in a business or organization, they may need more resources available to them than the average government funded rehab center cannot supply, such as internet or phone access. At a luxury addiction rehabilitation center, patients will usually find business center accomodations and ways of accessing their work that they wont find at lower cost rehabs.

A luxury rehab center will also see that the patient’s healthy lifestyle choices are not interrupted. They will provide gourmet meals, exercise options and recreational opportunities that suit the individual’s usual tastes. Patients can still enjoy the comforts they would find in their own residence while living within a safe and supportive sober environment.

In North America, some of the best luxury rehabilitation treatment centers are available to the public. The United States is home to several famous luxury rehabs, including Passages in California and The Dunes in East Hampton. In Canada, Vancouver, Banff and Kelowna luxury real estate serves as the setting for several world-class rehabilitation centers. For your high class addiction recovery needs, do not settle for less when you deserve the best!

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Reviewing the Benefits of Luxury Rehabilitation

luxury rehab benefitsLuxury rehabilitation centers focus on the relaxation and therapy that a treatment program should provide instead of making recovery feel like labor. In the present day, addiction is regarded as a disease with physical and psychological contributing factors, which should be dealt with gently. In the past, however, addiction was treated like a character flaw that deserved punishment, and rehabilitation could hardly be described as therapeutic.

The old ethic has largely been discarded, and the new philosophy behind a luxury addiction treatment center is to provide top of the line mental and physical care for addicted persons, while allowing them to maintain the level of comfort and accommodation that they would find in their personal lives.

Patients at luxury treatment centers spend their days detoxing and healing from their addictions and building new life skills in order to keep them sober. In their off-time, they enjoy hotel style accommodations and activities in exclusive surroundings.

The staff at luxury rehab centers are world class professionals that provide an array of counselling and therapy services to clients. Personalized treatment programs are created for individual clients to ensure that their recovery needs are met. Staff is licensed to diagnosis multiple disorders in order to treat the whole person instead of isolating the addiction.

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