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You Get what You Pay for With In-Patient Rehabilitation

luxury rehab quality matches costYou may have heard that the only difference between government funded rehabilitation and luxury rehabilitation is how pretty the surroundings are, and you may be wondering why you would pay more for the same service in a nicer package. The truth is, the quality of the treatment in a luxury rehab center is not the same as in a low cost rehab at all. Statistically, luxury treatment centers produce vastly more successful clients that maintain their sobriety where as government funded rehabs can rarely afford the resources needed for clients to maintain their sobriety.

A government funded rehabilitation center has limited means, so the quality of the treatment they provide is limited as well. Good quality treatment comes from access to the best resources, such as the latest addiction therapeutic methods, learning materials and ongoing training for the rehab staff. As good intentioned as a government funded rehab center may be, they do not receive the funding or payment for services needed to stay as current as a private luxury rehab facility. They can also not afford to staff their centers properly, so patient’s individual needs go overlooked and disable the success of their recovery.

In the same vein, luxury addiction rehabilitation centers maintain a peaceful setting for their clients with a higher staff to clientele ratio that gives them the individual attention they need, and the space and privacy to focus on their recovery without the overcrowding and distractions of a government funded facility. One-on-one counseling is an integral part of successful recovery, as it is the surest way of uncovering and eliminating the root cause of their addiction problems. Clients will find this environment much more therapeutic, and they will find the variety of healthy activities that a luxury rehab center can afford very therapeutic to engage in as well.

Consider your rehabilitation options carefully, consulting your budget and your personal needs. As is true with all human services, you will almost always get what you pay for, and programs that cut corners financially will also be cutting corners in recovery treatment, making it more difficult for you to succeed.